Hestia is alive and well

December 3, 2007

Friday I had an appointment that should have lasted about an hour – and it was closer to two hours – meaning that I walked in the door around five and would be serving dinner to 11 at seven! All the groceries were waiting in the fridge to be prepared and the table needed to have its leaves added and chairs rounded up from around the house. I asked the Hestia of me for help. Without a moment’s hesitation – she began to create the hearth and heart space. Food preparation became an act of devotion and Aphrodite – goddess of Beauty came and helped. The three of us swirled around as my son and husband deftly stayed out from under foot. At 6:30 – I told my son – next time – we don’t need to wait until seven to begin.

His friends began to arrive – greeting us, getting beverages, picking up instruments, riffs rising from hidden places. The dog wearied of barking at the door bell as more and more teens arrived – some new to me and most known to me. Whatever doubt I had about the value of adolescence vanished as I watched and felt their energy and passion and joy and full participation emerge. They visited, played, ate and then settled in to watch a movie. The lights down low, the room filled with bodies sprawled in front of the fire, the wind rattling outside, and warmth inside – and Hestia sighed with deep contentment. Her only question to me was why don’t we do this more often?


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