Recurring imagery

September 17, 2007


Sometimes I get fascinated with the wordpress blogstats feature and get curious about people who are finding me through tag surfing or google or other search engines. What are they looking for? Did they find it?

Today, I was looking at a post I wrote several months ago because someone else was looking at it and darned if I didn’t see the image above hidden in a drawing I did months ago. How cool is that? AND I wouldn’t have made the connection without someone else making a connection to me.

An artist I met online tells me:

it reminded me of a vagina. I hope that doesn’t offend you. I mean like an Earth vagina, or a Goddess vagina. But I often see sex in art, so don’t mind me. :)

Before my solo time of emptiness and receiving, I never did ART, since then it comes and goes and I am sure that if I made space for it, it would expand and colonize large parts of my life. I wonder sometimes if it is fear that keeps me from doing this everyday? Or if I am just too darned busy with my other responsibilties.

I like the idea of doing a series of this image, whether they are rivers that flow through the desert or vaginas, there is something about the movement and flow that is recurring when I begin to create on paper.

I am no Georgia O’Keefe, but I used to dream of living someplace like Ghost Ranch and wandering the desert canyons. This was the area that I needed to return to when I was mourning the death of my father and became an important source of comfort for me. I no longer awaken from my dreams with sand between my toes, but for a long time, this imagery was a necessary part of my mending. The world needs art. I need art. What art are you creating today?


One comment

  1. Julie,
    I am reading The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner and your image (reminiscent of a goddess vagina to one of your readers) felt more to me like dream images I had after reading Harner’s experimental exercize to inspire his readers to journey from the upper world down into the lower world. Your drawing (painting?) is not static but rather (to me) suggests movement, direction, travel. I feel energy going forward or back into the page to a space further in when I look at it. Strangely your image connects very much to my own traveling forward in my dreams the evening I finished Harner’s chapter on journeying to the underworld. This of course is my personal association…Maybe it resonates, or not.
    I like your blog.

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