The Independent Eye

September 14, 2007

In March, I had the good fortune to travel to Kripalu to meet and create with Lauren Raine at her Masks of the Goddess intensive. I discovered Lauren through a lucky succession of internet explorations of goddess imagery when I was creating my first Goddess Council based on the book Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen.

Lauren’s masks stirred a deep, inner knowing that was already speaking to me through night dreams, art, and poetry. The work we did together with the spirit of the masks cracked me wide open in a different way than other expressive activities.

At our last gathering, we shared our masks and performed impromptu sacred theatre. I looked around at these women in awe – each of us personifying our inner divinity and risking the expression of long buried yearnings. Our voices were heard that late winter morning and continue to reverberate.

A happy synchronicity for me is that at the time, I was reading Inanna, queen of heaven and earth : her stories and hymns from Sumer by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer. Lauren brought an incredible audio CD of a performance of Inanna by Elizabeth Fuller and Conrad Bishop. I had no idea who they were, but I fell under a

deep enchantment after hearing fragments of the CD as we worked the leather and watched our masks emerging from under our hands. Their interpretation stayed in my head and a few days ago, I contacted Lauren to find our how to get a copy of the CD.

Elizabeth Fuller and Conrad Bishop

She sent me to The Independent Eye where I eagerly listened to a streaming version

of the production. As I listened, I wished that I could have been able to see the performance live – but alas this was done years ago. Then – OH MY GODDESS! – Lauren alerted

me that they have a new adventure – The Mythic Kitchen – and they are going to produce a DVD version of Inanna. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here is a small update and excerpt from this amazing partnership and perhaps it will inspire you to support this endeavor.

After 38 years of doing this, we know how to make a dollar dance, roll over, rant and guffaw. So your help, at whatever level, can make it happen. For any gift of $30 or more, we offer you either two passes to the show in Sonoma County (May 2008) or a full-length DVD of INANNA when it’s produced. (Both gifts for a contribution of $60 or more.)

Of course more is welcome.

Can you help? If so, send a tax-deductible check to The Independent Eye, 502 Pleasant Hill Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472. Or contribute online thru PayPal at http://www.independenteye.org/contributing.html. We’ll be back in touch with gifts, news, and our deepest gratitude.

I described to a friend that we were moving toward a more “visionary” theatre, something with a core vision of a future we’d genuinely like to be part of. And yet, I said, if we start to wax ecstatically mythopoetic, it has to be while washing dishes or chopping onions – the “mythic kitchen.” A journey toward hope is truly believable only if it’s as gritty & grounded as the carrots in our garden, under constant threat from the gophers but drinking the sunlight.

Peace & joy-

Conrad Bishop (& Elizabeth Fuller)
The Independent Eye, Ltd.


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