Venus and Saturn and the waning moon

September 8, 2007

For the past several nights the moon mother, la bella luna, shines in my eyes, telling me “don’t go back to sleep” and I lay there capturing dreams that would otherwise have escaped. Is that her plan – to wake me up so I won’t forget?

During my solo fast, the last night, just after the moon set and before the sun rose, I fell into a deep sleep. Dreams began to appear and would have gone unnoticed, but a small critter ran over me, telling me wake up now! Without that interruption to my slumber, I doubt I would remember my dreams from that night. Blessings to the four legged ones who watched over me that night.

Last night, I planned on a hot bath and bed, but instead, I spent the evening on the phone hearing GREAT NEWS about baby Jedrek’s tumor, shrinking. We go for a CT scan on Monday and if it has pulled away from some important structures – surgery will come soon. This is miraculous! He is doing so well. I believe I will sit at his high school graduation bawling my eyes out and feeling love and pride and happiness for his journey.

I fell into bed, exhausted, but just had to finish “A Three Dog Life” – a fabulous book of love and hope and living in the moment – acceptance, grace, and the inexplicable collide in this gripping memoir. I don’t know if I would have her courage and will to survive.

Just before dawn, I startled awake, wanting to see the rising sliver of moon. My DH opened the blinds and there she was with Saturn and Venus as her consorts. wow! wow! wow! That makes waking before dawn a YES!

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