Hope and Love

September 7, 2007

I am in LOVE.

I am taking two classes at THE INSTITUTION. In one of my classes, I felt an attraction to a woman across the room from me. I think I will call her Baubo – she makes me laugh – a lot! After the first class, when I had shared about my experiences with AVI and my work with Salmon Boy with David Whyte’s poetry – she sought me out and asked me to go for a cup of tea. It is thrilling to have someone that I am attracted to, approach me and want to hear my story. That first day, we talked non-stop for an hour and a half. Sharing stories and secrets – comparing experiences at THE INSTITUTION and laughing like cackling crones.

How good it feels to hear and to be heard and to be able to laugh. I am so glad I am a woman.

Yesterday, was our second class with Two Moons. She is an amazing facilitator and we had a succulent, juicy, discussion that felt collegial not top-down, power-over. I felt excited and fascinated and LOVED that I could share some of my Inner Work in the context of our discussion. I lingered after class – sharing my sorrow over my frustrating experience from this summer’s class. With tenderness and a soft, mothering, feminine energy, she softened the harsh edges of that experience and said these simple words – “I am sorry that happened to you.” It is hard to convey in words how powerful those words were coming from her compassionate tending and attending to my story.

I came out and Baubo was waiting for me and we set off for another cup of tea – which morphed into more stories and sharing and laughing and cackling and ended in dinner and staying out way past my bedtime. We talked non-stop for SIX HOURS! It reminds me of falling in love – when you meet a new person and you click and connect and the energy zings and you wants to talk and share and learn more about one another. I am so thankful for this experience of meeting a crone-age woman with whom I can just be plain silly!

I overslept and missed the crescent moon – but I did wake up with Hope and Love this morning. What is in your heart as the nights are lengthening and the harvest is gathered?


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