Dry, dry, dry becomes wet, wet, wet

August 20, 2007

The other night I sat down and composed a post about how dry I feel, how dry my yard is, how dry my writing is – and who knows where I published it! Maybe it was a dream. It isn’t on my blog or in my email…

Now, it is wet, wet, wet and I went to bed with intermittent rain and woke up at dawn to the sound of soft, gentle, female rain falling on the valley of the Shenandoah. It seems so quiet when the sky comes down close and the clouds hover so low.

I made another batch of Zucchini Relish (I love that stuff!) and this batch is so pretty because my peppers are starting to turn – we ate the red ones last night in fajitas but the yellow and orange ones went into the relish this morning. I usually use yellow onions, but on Saturday, the white onions were the same price (they are often more expensive) so my relish is green-black serpent flecks of zuchinni and white onion with dots of orange and yellow peppers. It is resting in the brine now and I will can it later.

I also went hunting for my sourdough starter. It came from La Brea Bakery in CA and it is the best stuff I have ever encountered for making bread – even beats my favorite SAF yeast from France. The starter had some funky, fragrant black watery stuff floating on top that I poured off. I am told if you keep it, the bread is really sour – but my family prefers mild. I added water and flour and soon it will begin to wake up and reproduce. I never get jaded about the miracle of this yeast expression of exuberance! Because it has been so long since I fed it, it will take some time to come to full strength – but soon I will be back into my bread baking routine.

I saw baby Jedrek Saturday and he looked bright eyed and happy to be home. Justus and Jalyn were painting, Shannon was holding the baby and Wayne was cleaning out the freezer to make room for more of the summer’s bounty. Some of my zuchhini came from her garden and some from mine. It makes me happy to think of them going into the brine together. This winter when I am eating a fat bratwurst with zuchinni relish, I will remember the abundance of a summer garden that nourishes us in winter.

I haven’t registered for classes yet – the term begins one week from today. After my experience this summer, I am not sure this is a hoop I want to learn to jump through. We’ll see :)

Once again, thanks for the prayers and blessings and thoughts for our sweet baby Jedrek – I think they are working their magic – he is doing really well!


One comment

  1. So glad you got some rain and so glad things are going well for the baby.

    Have you read The Cloudspotter’s Guide? A great book about clouds, charming, too.

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