Don’t know where to begin

August 16, 2007

We just returned from several days at the Eastern Shore – the heat index on most days was in the triple digits fahrenheit. The water felt cool at 75 degrees. It was good to get away – to break my routines and to have hours to walk the shore of the bay with my german shepherd girl dog. She loves the water and the beach and shows me how to live in the moment.

Each and every day I was thinking of baby J – torn between taking a long planned trip – and being away. He came home from UVA briefly but is back there again with some minor complications from the chemo and a low fever.

My garden is dry and my writing feels dry also. Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, healing blessings and support. The future looks bright for baby J – and now we just need to adjust to a “new normal.”


One comment

  1. My thoughts go to my father’s sister who battled cancer when she was a young mother. They were very concerned that she would not live to raise her children. She ended up being the last to go in her birth family and it was a large family. I am still continuing to say a daily prayer for the young one.
    Love and blessings to all of you in this time of trial.

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