Salt for my wounds

July 26, 2007

I am standing on a bridge, overlooking a spring fed pool. It is a beautiful milky white and reminds me of some of the hot springs at Yellowstone. I wonder if the pool is cold. My son is swimming around in it and tells me it is salty and not very cold. He keeps jumping in from the bridge and then pulling himself out. I don’t think I could pull myself out from the water by climbing up on the bridge. I look around and notice a beautiful set of marble stairs that descend into the water. The pool is surrounded by lush vegetation. I ask my son how deep it is and whether he touches bottom when he jumps from the bridge. He tells me it is twelve feet deep. I jump in and go under, but not completely, me head stays above water. I try to go completely under and cannot submerge myself. I realize then that the water is filled with salt in a supersaturated solution. The water is thick with salt crystals and I am completely buoyant. I relax and float around, enjoying the feeling of bobbing around on the surface of the water. Soon my husband joins me and we both are amazed at how little effort it takes to stay afloat in this salty broth. Eventually, I swim over to the stairs and climb out.

Later I am at a dinner party. Someone comments on the salt crusted all over my legs. I tell them I have been swimming and the salt feels so healing for my skin that I chose not to take a shower. They smile at me knowingly. This water is legendary for its curative powers. My husband has a bottle of the spring water and he is thinking about drinking it. The water is so thick it will hardly flow. We notice that the water is black. When he filled the bottle it was pale blue with pink and white salt crystals. We both comment on the sulfur and how it turns everything black. I know he is going to drink some, and I doubt I am going to join him. I feel very content and healed by the crust of salt that is covering my body.

End of Dream

Once a year I try to get to the great mother spring in Pagosa and soak in her broth. I have had so many healing experiences there that it is a frequent pilgrimage for me. This feels like a healing pilgrimage. The water wasn’t the same, but the effect was similar. I love how my skin smells of sulfur for days after soaking in the mineral rich waters in Pagosa.

Yesterday was my last class and it was anticlimactic. My dearest friend in the world took me out to celebrate and we sat for five hours, talking, and visiting, and tending and befriending. I fell into bed exhausted and slept deeply. I am touched that my dreaming self brought me this healing vision.



  1. Oh! I was so there in the water with you! I was surprised to find myself in a dream – at first disappointed, but then delighted that I had experienced your sacred unconscious. I am honored.

  2. Wow that dream was a real beauty, wasn’t it. Lovely that you shared the imagery with us.

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