Mutual Admiration Society

July 26, 2007

What a precious day today!

It began with a leisurely lavender bath and then a dash out the door at ten A.M. to pick up J1 to take him to his swim lesson and J2 to  play at the park with me. J3 to stay home with his mama. J1, eight years old, and all boy and confidence, confidently went in to this lesson. J2, four years old, raced me to the playground where we explored, played on the swings, rode the bouncing horses, and rolled down steep grassy inclines. We returned home to a wonderful meal of beets and tortellini and applesauce and roasted stuffed peppers! yum!

While Mom made pickled beets, I read to the older two and rocked the baby. It was grand! Just grand to be seen as worthy and needed and loved. Late in the afternoon, we walked the neighborhood – the baby sleeping in the stroller, the four year old chatting happily away and the eight year old racing ahead and behind on his bike and mom having a precious moment of silence. They asked me if I would do this again tomorrow :)

Sometimes I feel like my worth and value are in question – not because of anyone but me. On days like today though, I feel just plain LOVED.


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