Just when I thought it could not get worse…

July 19, 2007

I made it to the stairwell before the tears welled up in my eyes. I made it to my car before I wept.

If you read about my experience of gratitude yesterday, you will know that I entered class feeling as if I had regained my center. I forgave myself for being imperfect and forgave the professor for “not getting me.” Apparently this opened the door for our conflict to fully and openly emerge. Several things came together to create the “Perfect Storm.” Yet, I think even he might realize that it went a bit too far.



  1. I’m sorry this is the way the tide turned. Can’t be pleasant but I doubt I’m the only one standing around on the outskirts, prepared to catch whatever fragments you may be moved to share, and hold them preciously.

  2. I’ve had reasons to cry this week, too. Maybe it’s the seventh month of the seventh year that’s creating all these Saturnian situations. Many warm thoughts and good energy headed in your direction!

  3. yes tears abound now, maybe to wash away the grime and make things pure and clean again.

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