Anonymous Four

July 16, 2007

In the car on my way to see Salmon Boy today, I was enchanted by the most beautiful rendition of a gospel hymn. I checked and double checked the radio station – yup – WMRA – 90.7 – I thought I had slipped over to Eastern Mennonite University’s radio station. Nope – WMRA. The traffic ceased to exist, and I was just mesmerized and then the announcer said – anonymous four! I have an ancient recording of theirs – Musical Heritage Society – a recording of Hildegard von Bingen – it might be called “Vision.” I have it on cassette and CD and don’t have the covers of either version.

Listening to these angels sing – I felt a peace that has been absent of late. The last few weeks have been filled with uncertainty and some discomfort. The class I am taking is a mixed bag – sometimes boring, occasionally engaging, not very satisfying. Perhaps my expectations are too high? Perhaps I am in the wrong place? Perhaps my five years of being an inner focused experiential learner have rendered me unsuitable for graduate school.

When I was in grad school in the eighties – it was so easy. I did my research, took my classes, wrote my thesis, suffered sometimes and that was that. It was just the next thing to do. BS followed my MS. I quit before I was able to pile it higher and deeper… Ph.D. Now as an emerging crone in a classroom of young knights and maidens, it feels so very different. For the first time, I feel old – and not in a good way.

My silence here has been part of a practice of spending more time in the garden and kitchen and with face to face people. Yet I feel guilty for abandoning my blog. The warm connections I made last winter sustained me through a dark and dreary time and I worry that my absence might be seen as being unappreciative.

I do deeply appreciate the blogging community for the sustenance and continuity you provide. When the long nights come, and my introspection cannot be contained in a quilted glass jelly jar, I will be here more regularly. Until then, I carry each of you readers around in my heart.

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  1. Hi, I came across your website while checking on the spelling of “anonymous” because I was sending an e-mail to a friend about the Anonymous Four CD called American Angels. My wife is a musician and I got this CD for her; I was listening to it one day while reading the lyrics in the little booklet that comes with it. I don’t think I have ever been so powerfully affected by music on the first listening. From the few words you wrote about the A4 song you heard I am pretty sure that is the album. You might want to get a copy; it does bring peace.
    Bob Foster

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