Go find your trail and blaze it

July 3, 2007

You should know I’m letting go, letting go of your hand
I can see you don’t need me so let go cuz you can

There’s no stopping your train once it leaves the station
A champagne-soaking celebration
I’m trying hard not to cry
But I feel the stinging in my eyes

And when you leave I will not grieve
I’ll find a smile and wear it
You’re everything I hoped you’d be
Go find your trail and blaze it

You should know I’m letting go, letting go of your hand
I can see you don’t need me so let go cuz you can

Margaret MacDonald – Singer Songwriter Mom


Last winter, listening to Pandora, I fell in love with this woman’s songs, her voice, her lyrics, her emotions, what she evoked in me. I bought her CD Rain on the Roof from CD Baby. It is one of those CDs that I listen to over and over and over and over and it feels so soothing. I don’t buy much music – I am still not over spending hundreds of dollars on LPs and then buying that same music on tapes, and then buying that same music on CDs and now the thought of paying to have that music on MP3s doesn’t appeal. I don’t listen to a lot of “new” music. Most of what I hear on Pandora I ignore or fast forward through – but each time Margaret’s songs came up, I found myself stopping and listening.


I visited her website and found I could listen to most of her songs – no strings attached. I imagined her as generous and trusting that the multiverse reaches out to support artists who are generous. I am sensitive to how hard it is to make a living wage as an artist and that we need to honor and pay our artists. But my stomach clenches when artists spend more energy trying to keep people from experiencing their work than they do creating it.


With Margaret – I had a sense of being welcomed into her world. I bought her CD. So I guess this says something about me – not sure what – and says something about her – not sure what. But I am sure there is a synergy between her talent and generosity and my need to have beautiful music in my life.


The snippet of the above song is for her son as he leaves for college. It really touches me – my son is gone for three weeks, home for one, then gone for three more this summer and I am missing him – but also not missing him. I see him running in a pack of other teens who are supporting his emerging self and he is happy! When he is not happy, he doesn’t have parents worrying about what is wrong – instead he has peers to talk to – young men and women who “get” him.


So, dear sweet son of mine: Go find your trail and blaze it!


One comment

  1. The lyrics remind me of a coming of age ritual we did for a friend’s daughter when she began her periods. We met on the beach (a bunch of women and this girl). As we sang something (don’t remember what) the mother and daughter took hands and began running down the beach. When the mother ran out of breath, she let go. Her daughter ran on and on until we could barely see her.

    When the daughter returned, we brought her into our circle, all of us taking hands and welcoming her to womanhood. It was an awesome ritual. That girl is about 20 now, attending the Chicago Art Institute. She’s an amazing woman.

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