Forty Eight Hours

June 27, 2007

What a difference a couple of days makes…

I just reviewed my work for my class – we have met three times and today will be our fourth meeting. Two days ago – I viewed myself through such a harsh window of judgment. I saw insufficiency and mistakes. Lack of skill and stiltedness with this new way of being. This morning – as I prepare for class – looking at each of the segments and wondering which one to show – they all look “good enough.” Not the work of a professional. Not polished and flawless. Yet good enough. I feel ready to receive guidance and feedback. I can step back a bit and objectively view myself – my strengths and natural ability and also my inexperience and newness. I feel a bit of tenderness towards the woman I see in these tapes. Showing up as herself, risking and trusting the process.

I see an emerging fluidity.


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