Day of birth

June 20, 2007

Today is my birthday. I usually don’t tell anyone and celebrate it quietly. Last year I spent it alone at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and it was a spectacular starlit night and before dawn I trekked across the dunes to drum the sun up. One year later, I am in a graduate class and so I shared a potluck lunch with my other students and the professor and someone made me a delicious flourless chocolate cake. Yum! I smiled and graciously basked as they sang me a happy birthday. I shared that glow with a young man in the group who shares my birthday. My son has a friend who is 16 today also. A good day to be born with the days so long.


  1. My birthday’s next weekend and I agree this is a wonderful time of year to come alive and join the human race. Happy solstice!

  2. I telephoned once or twice with a birthday message but no one was home! Happy birthday, anyway.

  3. You’re born at summer solstice?? Wow, that’s powerful. Do you think of yourself as Gemini or Cancer?

    Happy birthday! And many, many more!

  4. My Natal chart has me as a Gemini with Virgo rising and my moon is in Leo.

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