American Shakespeare Center

June 17, 2007

At last – long last – my son and his adolescent energy and angst are no longer confined – they are running free! He is running with his pack. His tribe surrounds him and as he looks into the eyes of these young men and women he sees himself looking back.

What a difference a year makes! Last year, tentatively taking the stage at the American Shakespeare Center and this year racing up four flights of stairs to claim his room in “the nunnery!”

Young Company Theatre Camp is one of those transformative and expansive experiences that once the threshold is crossed, we lose our memory of the ways we limited ourselves. Amnesia can be a good thing at sixteen.

Leaving the auditorium at  Stuart Hall, walking across the lawn, feeling good about leaving him – even though we were not able to say goodbye when suddenly – like a ninja – he leapt in front of us – cutting off our exit and hugged us and told us good bye. I love that son of mine!

In three weeks, he will weep as he leaves old friends and new friends, but for now, he is filled with hope, happiness, camaraderie, silliness, joy, creativity, passion, and lust for life. yay!


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