Short nights

June 13, 2007

The days are getting longer and the garden is getting greener. I find less time to sit at the computer and blog and my interests are drawn to the kitchen, sitting on the deck, weeding, visiting at the farmer’s market and reading outside under the willow oak.

Last night’s dinner was new potatoes from the Tuesday farmer’s market with lemon and parsley (from a pot just outside my screen door). The incredible creaminess of the potatoes felt like rich cream on my tongue. There was only one pound available. Early in the season we buy what we can and savor it. Later in the season potatoes will find their way onto the grill, into soup and pie crusts, mashed, whipped, in salads of all kinds – but now in this most tentative time when we are tiring of chard – the potatos were so welcome.

Lunch was basil, tomato, cucumber and green pepper on flax bread. The bread was from the farmer’s market. The cucumber and tomato from a greenhouse (not mine) and the basil and pepper from my garden. Nothing could match the taste of warm tomato and spicy basil.

When I am not here – think of my in my garden. When you are not here – I will think of you enjoying the lengthening days.


  1. I love the idea of a whole tribe of us migrating from our keyboards to the garden …

  2. Yum!!

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