Here and there

June 4, 2007

Saturday I returned to the Farmer’s Market prepared to get ten more pints of organic strawberries only to find out that he just had a few and sold out early in the morning. yay! I love when he sells out. Sad for me – I really wanted to make more preserves.

I am really feeling the pull of the sacred and the profane. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the end of my solo vigil and the end of my first year of reincorporation. I imagined that it would be a day spent alone in splendid solitude in a place of natural beauty where all the meaning of the last year would settle into the interstices (thanks PJ for the metaphor). Instead I am increasingly drawn to be out in the world. A picnic, an awards ceremony at the high school, the farmer’s market in the morning to scoop up the last of the organic strawberries. It is slowly dawning on me that I am wanting to be in community. Four and a half years of chosen solitude seems to have done the trick – I am hungry for connection and want to show up as who I am in my community. Do you think they are ready? We’ll see!

With deep gratitude for all my varied selves who come in service to my Self…

As I left Salmon boy’s office today – I was laughing – the kind where your nose runs, tears stream down your face, and you are totally unable to speak. Any thought of conversation just starts the whole thing over again. As I sat in my car at the stoplight, the sun streaming in onto my head through the open sunroof – it occurred to me that I feel happy. Lately I am feeling happy more often than not. It isn’t that I was unhappy – it is just that I have been so serious in my underworld explorations and rather humorless.

The Deep Imagery intensive unleashed and uncorked my wild indigenous self and she is irrepressible these days. She is filled with energy, funny. and able to not take herself so seriously. She who names things has returned and she is unedited. Where before her observations had a bite and sarcasm – they flow so freely now – and are just as likely to be about me as about someone else. No one escapes her mirth.


One comment

  1. Here, There and Everywhere! Naturally, the title made me think of nothing else but The Beatles.

    I made a new blog, for real this time, as it’s summer and summer is a wonderful time to grow.

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