Imaginal Worlds

May 14, 2007

Next week I will be heading off to Seven Oaks to journey into my inner wilderness. This is not my first experience with Deep Imagery and I am looking forward to deepening my existing practice.

I met Dianne Timerblake  in the spring of 2006 at another AVI program – Sweet Darkness. She gifted me with Elk Woman, the conjurer of the four directions, and succulent, juicy crone. Mirroring me in our Heart Warrior Council I claimed many of the emerging parts of me.

During this imagery intensive, we will have the opportunity to throw open our western windows.

Depth psychologists say that the substance of the soul is image and that deep imagery (i.e., imagery that comes to us from the unconscious) is one of the most direct and powerful means of accessing soul. This program is intended to open wide your window to the imaginal world–so that you can know yourself and converse with your soul through your own deeply personal imagery.

My hope is that I will be feeling better by next week and if not – that I will be able to gracefully surrender to this virus that has me in its clutches.



  1. Timberlake, not Timerblake!

  2. Thanks Sweetie :)

  3. Maybe the virus has something to tell you, too.

    It’s powerful work you’re headed into. I really look forward to hearing how it goes.

  4. I hope you feel better.

    Aaaand, I love Artemis. OH! He gave me a NAME! Elemmirre, it means “Gold”, for my wings. (His are a lovely soft brown with some random blue feathers as well, I have decided). NAME NAME NAME! Happy!

  5. Reya – I am sure this virus has messages that I am resisting – hence its persistence!

    Isa – Elemmirre – you have earned your wings many times over this past year. I deeply appreciate your love, empathy, and support for Artemis. It means a lot to me. I am glad that you will be close by and Artemis will be able to continue to see you next fall as you step out into your brave new world.

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