May 10, 2007

For reasons that escape me now – yesterday, I decided to import my original blog (unedited!) into this one. I adore google and everything it does for me – even when I don’t even know I need the things I soon become dependent on – but I lost so many posts with the original blogger that I left for wordpress where I have been 99% happy!

When I first started blogging – the idea of sharing my *real* identity with random strangers made me feel vaguely unsafe. Who “out there” would be reading about my experience “in here?” What would they think of me if they really knew me? I am so glad I took the risk and found out!

Early on, I discovered Michelle in Lubbock, TX.  Not only is she a gifted and entertaining writer. Her honest musings about motherhood, family interactions, her friends, her son’s father left me reeling! These are the things that women share over a cup of coffee in a downtown bakery, speaking softly and looking around to see who might be eavesdropping. Yet here she was sharing her authentic self with BOTH the world wide web AND her local community. Her example changed the way I viewed blogland. It was also one of the reasons I decided to make this blog public. My first blog started out private and learning to trust came slowly.

Another powerful influence when I began to blog was Fran . I no longer remember where I discovered her – but Fran is the one who introduced me to SoulCollage and all the possibilities of choosing to embrace aging and maturing as a single, vibrant woman connected to family and friends and also separate – living a life of soul. Her musings on her spirituality, her relationships, her emotions, her family, her trips were so real and so genuine that I often felt mothered from afar just reading her. It’s been a few years – but she was one of the first people who emailed me back personally after I commented on her blog. Now this is common – it was probably common then – but her impeccable good manners at acknowledging me meant so much at the time. Thanks Fran!

Of course – you would have to be living under a rock if you have not read Dooce! Her story is fascinating. Her writing sharp, witty, and so very often just plain FUNNY! Her video clips of Chuck the  dog and spaghetti is something I view when I need laugh therapy or am taking myself too seriously. Her honest discussions of her experiences with depression are so raw at times they make me weep. This is a woman who loves passionately and is a fabulous mother with a wicked sense of humor. To think she was fired from her “real” job for being creative and authentic and then lands on her feet with a much richer life experience makes me believe there is some universal spiritual entity who has an even greater sense of humor than Heather!

There are many other women who influenced me when I began to share my thoughts on the web – I thank each of you for your example and for the community that you introduced me to. You showed me the power of showing up and being real by your examples.


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