Medicine Walk

May 9, 2007

Yesterday I escaped into the George Washington National Forest. The sky was impossibly blue and the trees were just like the crayola color Spring Green. White dogwoods danced in the dappled understory and wildflowers popped up everywhere.

Although I did not consciously plan this, I returned to the location of my Medicine Walk last year that preceded my vision quest. On the medicine walk, I avoided all trails and just took off straight up the mountain until I found a clearing. I went alone. no dog, no hiking companions. Yesterday, I followed the trail, down a steep incline, down, down, down, thinking all the while that my return would be up, up, up. The trail I was on intersected another trail so I wandered along that for awhile. I could hear the river and walked toward the sound. I found a lovely rock outcrop in the middle of the stream that I would like to return to one day.

I just checked my journal and it looks like my walk last year was on Thursday May 4th. I think it is uncanny how that must have been in the back of mind and pulled me out into the forest.

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