Twice in a month…

May 8, 2007

Another cold… years of not being sick and now twice in four weeks…

I met with Salmon Boy yesterday and we talked of the soaring excitement of meeting with E and then the sobering reality of meeting with L. Both E and L are part of the program. E represents for me human potential, the mystery, the unknown, the possibilities, and excitement. L represents the establishment, the rules, the constraints, the hoops that must be jumped through. I met E first and I am so glad I did. L is warm and open – but he also represents the program and the institution.

Salmon boy and I talked about letting my defenses down and getting sick – twice – and what I am allowing. We spoke of the disillusionment when the “blush is off the rose.”  It reminded my of the phrase I heard from Angeles Arrien – walking the mystical path with practical feet.

My four years of self-directed study and solitude are now colliding with  bricks and mortar – or in my case – bluestone.



  1. The two individuals you mention sound like the columns on either side of the Kabbalistic tree of life, you in the center must synthesize. Sometimes that means clearing the system which is what a cold really is.

    Getting sick doesn’t mean you’re weak. It’s normal, and too, cold/flu come in batches. If I were there I’d make you some chicken soup and go get you a Vanity Fair magazine, something light and stupid to read.

    Take good care. Hope you’re soon back to your standards of excellence!

  2. Reya – this is just what I need to hear today… I am going to escape into the George Washington National Forest later today with the dog – find a place where I can nap in the sun and just let myself be. Virtual chicken soup has the same effect :) I feel warm inside already.

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