On this journey we call life

April 26, 2007

My life journey right now is taking me out into the world and shaking up my peaceful routines in all the right ways. There is something enchanting about spending time with a four year old. Her older brother is a delight in his own right. His parents are unschooling him at home and he comes up with the most random and fascinating observations about the world around him. Holding an infant makes my womb tighten and ache with the memories of breastfeeding. What a fun week this has been sharing this precious time with this lovely family. W&S and J, and J, and J – I love you all!

My studies are covered in dust this week and I fall into bed with a book and read the same sentence over and over before I surrender and turn out the light. I am beginning to collect some dreams in preparation for my AVI program – and they are wild and wooly and unexpected. Very juicy!

I met with Salmon Boy on Monday and shared with him my recent foray into chasing down an intransigent fear. We talked about the difference between rejection (my words) and not being chosen (his words). This launched an emotional and vigorous discussion of being the last one chosen for teams as a child. Sometimes I get really, really, tired of my existential wound of abandonment and the myriad ways it infiltrates into my life.

I am struggling through Hollis’s new book – Why Good People Do Bad Things: Understanding Our Darker Selves . I once read a critique that said a reader needed to have a dictionary to read his books. Well – I need a dictionary and a better undergraduate education in literature to tackle this one! But I am skimming along and then will go back and read more slowly.

Next up is a book I wasn’t aware of until Salmon Boy mentioned it – On This Journey We Call Our Life: Living the Questions (Studies in Jungian Psychology in Jungian Analysts, Volume 103). I have many books from Inner City Books and several from Hollis – but this one somehow escaped my attention. I ordered in immediately when I read the reviews. It is my kind of book I can tell already. In a review on Amazon – the questions are listed:

  1. By What Truths Am I Living My Life?
  2. What Is My Shadow and How Can I Make It Known?
  3. What Is My Myth?
  4. What Is My Vocation?
  5. What Are My Spiritual Points Of Reference?
  6. What Fiction Shall Be My Truth?
  7. What Is My Obligation to the World?
  8. So, Ahem . . . What’s This Death Business?
  9. What Supports Me?
  10. What Matters, in the End?

This makes me want to run out and buy a brand new journal just to contemplate these ideas!

What authors are fire starters for your journey to Self?


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