Lifelong Learner

April 20, 2007

I am a lifelong learner. Was I born this way? or did it rub off from my family of origin – all of whom are curious and voracious readers? My husband and I laughed in our early days that we spent more money on books than clothes. Recently as we adjusted the budget as we prepare to send a son to college in a few years, we realized this is still true. Book spending outstrips the clothing allowance for all three of us.

My recent eclectic explorations are possible because of the gifted and friendly staff of the Interlibrary Loan office of Carrier Library. So many of the books I am reading now are “one time reads.” As I start to give away boxes and boxes of books to friends, students, thrift stores etc. I am more careful about what comes through the door. Yet my hunger is still wanting to explore new ideas. My public library and the Carrier library have some of the resources that I am studying, but more often, I need to borrow them from another library.

Occasionally there is a wonderful online resource that supplements the library experience. If you have any interest in analytical psychology, depth psychology, Jung, or dream interpretation – you might enjoy these podcasts. Even if you don’t have an interest in those specific areas of psychology, it is worth listening to these lectures because they are so extraordinarily good. John Betts is a gifted teacher and the lectures are well paced and easy to follow. (I suggest taking notes and drawing diagrams).

Check them out here:


One comment

  1. This is just what I’ve been wishing for – since moving to the middle of nowhere, I really miss attending these sorts of lectures at the Jung Foundation. Thanks for the tip!

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