It’s a boy!

April 19, 2007

After just four hours in the hospital, at 2:05 AM, we greeted a beautiful baby boy. 9# 7.9 oz. Alert and aware and so calm. His Mom was very clear about what she wanted from this birth experience. No pain medication. No internal exams. No interventions. She used the hypnobirthing methods and went deep inside herself into the well of deep inner knowing.

Relaxing into the sensations, trusting her body, breathing, breathing, breathing. She stayed at home until she felt labor was firmly established. We were greeted by the midwife and quickly settled in. The room was so peaceful. Everyone there exuded quiet support for her Inner Work. Nothing needed to be done except support her as she rode the waves of contractions.

I am honored and privileged to have shared this joyous experience!


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