Following our bliss – Sue Monk Kidd

April 15, 2007

When I read the Dance of the Dissident Daughter, I had no idea how powerfully it would affect me. I longed to embark on a journey to Self. Little did I realize that I was already on that journey when I read the book. The book was just one of many trail guides to soul that supported me on this quest.

Hear Sue Monk Kidd lecture on the Black Madonna at the Washington National Cathedral. Don’t you just know the angels were hovering in the audience this day?

Coming from a Christian background with deep social and personal ties to her church, Sue Monk Kidd worried about the repercussions of publishing this deeply personal story about the dissident daughter who danced. Her bread and butter writing was for Christian publications and her fans were Christian women. I find her success inspiring and encouraging. How cool that her early essays are now gathered together in a book volume!

When Joseph Campbell told us to follow our Bliss – he didn’t mean to seek an ego-centric, self-indulgent happiness – it was in the context of “paying attention to what has heart and meaning.” If we fully embrace the things in our life that bring us wholly alive, then invisible doors open and invisible hands reach out to support us on our journeys.

When I decided to prepare for a Vision Quest this time last year – it was as if I entered into a protective circle at that moment. Magical things happened to me. Connections were made, things got done, tragedies were averted, and I felt a great sense of certainty and faith in the unknown of my unfolding.

Women like Sue Monk Kidd remind of what good things happen to us when we follow our Bliss!

Goddess Bless her! and Goddess Bless you!


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  1. Yes! I read this book over the summer while spending a week at a hermitage in northern Minnesota. It spoke to me EXACTLY where I was, and I savored it as I sat on my porch with the forest all around me. This is an inspiring, soul-searching book.

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