Kaya McLaren – Author, artist, mystic, wisewoman, healer and more

April 10, 2007

More affirmations from the Goddess!

A few months after my father died, I realized that the overwhelming sadness I felt wasn’t going to budge without some help from another person. I called a friend who used to work on the psych ward and asked her for a recommendation. She knew many of the mental health professionals and their styles and better, she knew me! She recommended Salmon Boy to me. Off and on through sadness and joy, he and I journeyed below the grief to reclaim the parts of me that I had sacrificed to Procrustes.

Salmon Boy is a dreamworker extraordinaire. Our work together gave me the keys to my inner queendom and unlocked the mysteries of my greatest longings! Soon after we began to work together, I shared a dream I had of the desert. He asked me if there was anything to keep me from acting on the dream. Magically, all obstacles fell away. My husband who was teaching field camp happened to call a few days later. We coordinated our schedules so that he flew home from NM and I flew out to NM from our home here in the moist and green valley of the Shenandoah.

I lived out the dream in the deserts of New Mexico and in the flow of the San Juan River. For days I exchanged cellular memories with the Great Mother as I soaked in her sulfur rich broth.

Many magical things happened on that journey – but the one I want to share today involves my favorite bookstore – Moonlight Books in Pagosa Springs, CO. My second favorite book store is Maria’s in Durango. There are no independent bookstores left in my town so when I travel, I try to support those that are still alive.

I bought several books that day – all of which became part of my healing – but there was one book – that really caught my eye. I loved the title “Church of the Dog.” The illustration on the front – just lept off the page! I even liked the feel of the purple paper just inside the cover. This book called me by my true name – I just didn’t know it yet.

I began to read… and cry… and read… and cry… This is a love story told through the hearts of an average family. The family is just like yours or mine. Ancient secrets cast long shadows over them. Along comes a woman who enters into this family constellation. She is both the catalyst, the witness, and the container for the ensuing magic. Each of the characters – Mara and Edith, Earl and Daniel enter the container of transformation and are healed. Along the way, I too experienced great love – love of myself and my potential. This story, artfully and loving rendered, gave me hope and healed my heart.

Church of the Dog taught me that my heart could fully grieve my loss. Church of the Dog gave me imagery and metaphors for my pain. Later, the book would play an important role in the mending of my mother’s broken heart.

Many times I tried to contact Kaya. I googled her. I learned that the company that originally published Church of the Dog and On the Divinity of Second Chances surrendered their website and shortly after that dropped off the face of the earth. I left messages at Moonlight Books. Then I gave up. I often returned to Amazon to see if there were any new books coming. Nada… until yesterday! After all my searching for her – Kaya found me! Must be that all that weeding paid off! Preparing the seed bed made space for her to show up in my life!

And it gets better!!!!!!! Penguin is going to republish her books and new books are on their way too! So, if you can still get your hands on original copies of these two books – do it now! You will not regret it!

Storytellers mend the world. Kaya McLaren’s stories are powerful medicine. Thank you from all the chambers of my four chambered heart!

Blessings to you and yours!


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  1. Such heartwarming happenstance! Love the way it all comes together sometimes in ways we couldn’t have imagined ahead of time. Also wanted to offer thanks for your kind comments left on my blog last week. Hope the virus is completely gone, now.

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