Heart and Meaning

April 4, 2007

In the FourFoldWay of Angeles Arrien – The way of the healer is to pay attention to what has heart and meaning.

The archetypes of the four directions in her teachings differ in some ways from the Celtic circle, the Lakota circle, Reclaiming, and Soulcraft. I am in that messy phase of integration where things don’t settle into a cohesive system. Instead, there are many ideas, much paradox, tension of opposites, and uncertainty. A real challenge for me to relax into this work.

Sometimes I get myself all convoluted with all my reading, studying and experiential work. Right now – I am way over the top with reading – I have over 20 books on my nightstand and I am reading them all! I go in spurts like this – where I am unfocused.

I try to not label myself as unfocused. Can it be that I am curious? I have eclectic tastes. I have a capacity and ability to read and absorb large amounts of information. Once the pump is primed – I love to let the ideas amalgamate and run rampant in my uncounscious and then re-invent themselves in ways I never imagined were possible.

The things that I paid attention today with heart and meaning are:

  • Walking in the arboretum and visiting with folks I haven’t seen since my son was small
  • Holding J’s hand and listening to her almost four-year old self chatter about everything she is seeing.
  • Letting J pull my fingers, more, faster, let’s go! allowing myself to run for no reason
  • Watching S’s mommy belly swell with the spring and feeling deep love for her, her baby, and her family
  • Carefully tucking all the seedlings into the greenhouse and turning on the heater because the temps will fall into the high twenties tonight
  • Cooking a huge pasta and bread and salad lunch for my son and his friend to feed their athlete’s appetites

What did you do today that had heart and meaning for you? What does your heart love in this moment? Who loves you – just the way you are?


  1. Wow ! I asked the Universe a question and I put three words into Google – God+Heart+Meaning = this wonderful web site – Emerging Crone. Thank you and Angelus Arrien one of my most favourite people – just amazing.

  2. Shelagh,

    How exciting the connections that the internet offer us! I struggled about whether to make my blog public or to keep it private. My first blog was private and I felt free to say anything that moved me. When I created this second blog, I decided to self-disclose, to show up and be present, to be real, to be authentic, to speak from my heart, to tell the truth without blame or judgment and to be exposed.

    At first – it scared the peedaddle out of me!

    The Universe and the Goddess have rewarded me for my courage by bringing so many interesting and soulful people into my life through my writings.

    I am honored that you visited and found something that has heart and meaning for you.

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