Mending the past and healing the future

March 28, 2007

Part of my work for the last several years is accepting that I am the one who will break the family pattern of being unmothered. An extraordinary piece of this puzzle fell into my lap today as I was reading about The Chamber of Grace from Alberto Villoldo.

Quote (Italics are mine):

…Parsifal and the Fisher King are both aspects of ourselves: If our Parsifal never finds the Grail, he becomes the Fisher King, hoping and praying for someone to heal him. I [Villondo] often see this as a wound that’s passed from mother to daughter or father to son: The parent was never able to heal or save the Parsifal within, so he or she passes the wound on in the hopes that the next generation will heal it for all who came before…


Right on schedule – I received a package from my mother today. In typical fashion – it is an eclectic mix – a white linen apron, a stained white table cloth with embroidery – and a double picture frame – with a photo of my mother and father. Probably high school graduation. They look so overjoyed to have found one another – the magical other that means the searching is over.

They adapted so well to filling each other’s voids – that they forgot the quest for the grail. They never asked “whom does the grail serve” and so they spent their lives as many of their generation did – acquiring wealth, property, material security, social status and a house full of STUFF.

The piece that feel new and exciting to me as I read this – is healing the wound for all who came before. I am pondering his idea that this mending takes place outside of linear time – and therefore affects both the past and the future.



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