More grace from the goddess

March 22, 2007

We arrived at the hospital this morning and instead of my usual cringing and feeling of deep sorrow, I felt such a sense of calm and grounding. As part of the journey to process my father’s illness and death – I have made peace with the “medical establishment.” It is such a sweet thing to be reminded of this today of all days because soon, I will be returning there with a dear goddess sister and her husband as we welcome her glorious baby into the world. I am so honored and touched to be invited to share in that sacred space.

The first birth I witnessed was a home birth. I was in my early twenties and other than the text book explanations – had little understanding of the birth process. My sister-in-law had just returned from overseas where she had been a practicing lay midwife. She gave me a copy of “Immaculate Deception.” I read it and it was one of the first books that woke me up to what it means when the goddess is not allowed into the birthing and healing process. Shortly after reading the book, I was invited to be a support person at a home birth. Without “Immaculate Deception” I am sure that the experience would not have imprinted on me the way it did.

I will never forget how the world changed after he was born. It was late November and cold outside. I held him in my arms – this child who just an hour ago had been safe and warm in his mother’s womb – and we walked over to the window. The sky seemed more luminous, the trees more magical, the view more marvelous. For days after I walked around wondering why the world doesn’t just stop in its tracks when a baby is born. It felt so powerful to be a part of this experience.

Spring is such a perfect time to birth a baby! I am so excited and as much as possible have cleared my calendar to make space and time to participate in this blessed emergence!

Radiant spring blessings to all!


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