Affirmations from the Goddess

March 21, 2007

On what could have been an ordinary day – I had some extraordinary experiences! The day began – as my days often do – with some time in silence and some time reading email and blogs. I then decided to get out and run errands because it was warm. It actually was in the high sixties by the end of the afternoon – a perfect day for errands.

I began by dropping in to Annie-Roo’s. I learned of this magical place from our local paper when they did a write up and called it “Social Heart of the Community.” As soon as I read the article – I thought – she is my kind of woman! And she is! Although I had not been in for a few months – she had been in the back of my mind. The last time we spoke – she was dreaming of a bigger space and I was dreaming of using that bigger space for women’s gatherings and circles.

As I exited my car and began to walk down Main Street in Dayton – I peeked in to the triangle building – the site of her new shop. I saw paint and scaffolding – but no coffee shop. Hmmmh… I wondered what the delay meant. Entering her shop – I always feel the welcoming embrace of Hestia – goddess of the hearth and fire. Annie-Roos is more than the Social Heart of the Community – in some ways it is also the spiritual heart of the community. Church is one or two days a week – Annie-Roo’s is six days a week. Both times I visited the shop I felt a distinct expression of the same kind of energy that inhabits the character Vianne played by Juliette Binoche in Chocolat. It is Ann-Marie in her role as Hestia who creates this magical place.

I got so caught up in my Chocolat musings – I lost my train of thought! That train must be rusting out in a meadow somewhere!

What was magical for me yesterday – is that we connected instantly – even though I met her only once in November of last year. We talked masks and dreams and shared our love for The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. I am so excited for her expansive plans for moving onto her grandmother’s land and spending more time doing the creating beauty with flowers for weddings. Our deep sharing on the heart level felt like a big YES! to the my work as a Soulwright. I am grateful for that electrifying affirmation.

Later in the day – I learned that Lois made it home for her 78th birthday. Hearing this made me feel so appreciative for our healing visit and the power of intention. I believe in magic. I believe that healing happens when space is cleared and grace is invited in. I am grateful to Joanna for her Gaian Tarot – and for the long buried knowing that is surfacing as I work with the imagery of Joanna’s Gaia.

As Joanna says – This is why I do this! I am a Soulwright because I believe in grace.


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