Spring Quickenings

March 20, 2007


Since I left Kriaplu, I have felt a deep sense of internal quiet – a lack of reactivity. In the past, I have felt reactive, and chosen not to react. In the last few days, I feel like a silent, compassionate, non-judgmental witness. I was speculating with Salmon boy yesterday… Is it the food? I am still eating quinoa, brown rice, vegetables and drinking tea – wanting to hold on to this state of being. Is it the environment of group chanting and drumming? Or is it an inner shift in me?

For years I dreamed of descents, ramps to below, basements, dark rooms, caves, underground places. In the last few weeks, my dreams are of staircases going up into the air, of lofts, of balconies, of being up there, or up above, of light, of lightness. What a switch from slogging it out with Erishkigal. My three days on the meat hook must have been the “metaphorical” three days because it was a long, dark journey of more like four years!


And now, all around me, the earth is waking up! No matter that we had low temperatures of 18 degrees F. The daffodils are yearning to be seen and the hyacinth must share their perfume with the honey bees. They will not be held under the soil one moment longer. Even though they emerge into inhospitable weather, they turn their heads to the sun and smile, breathing deeply and enjoying the light.

One comment

  1. now I am the one wandering in search of spring quickenings. Lovely lettuce seedlings! Some piece of your experience must relate to an inner shift if only from the as above, so below perspective … It is a remarkable shift in dreamtime viewpoint at the very least!

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