New Moon in Pisces Talking Staff Council

March 17, 2007

In our Divine Feminine Wisdom virtual circle – we sit in council, allowing silence as the moon wanes toward the new moon. Council closes as the first crescent moon becomes visible at sunset. Below is a portion of what I wrote to open this month’s council.

Vernal Equinox TSC (New Moon in Pisces)

Sweet succulent women of the divine – quickening for spring or (sinking down roots for autumn) I open this council with gratitude to the great goddess, the Wild Mother, to Hecate and Kali Ma! to sweet Persephone stirring in the underworld and reaching her tendrils up toward the lengthening days.

My trip to Kripalu was just what I needed! A week of brown rice, steamed vegetables and amazing whole foods lovingly prepared fed my physical body. Evenings of Kirtan chanting with Durga Das and drumming with the KDZ awoke my sleeping serpent. The days of working with my hands and making my goddess masks stirred deep tribal, primal memories and the images I created delight me. The women who shared this work with me are all goddesses in their communities. We came together in a loving container that held us all. The goddess came and brought many healing moments of grace for which I am feeling so deeply contented and thankful.

I don’t believe in soulmates – never have – but I now believe in soul sisters. Sisters who are living parallel lives and when you meet it is as if you have known each other in the land before time.

For those of us emerging into spring – How are you fertilizing your seedlings of possibility in your life? Who are your companion plants – the life forces that are synergistic for you and who bring out your most beautiful blossoms? Where do you thrive? Is it in the shade of a mature tree? Is it in the middle of meadow? A solitary bloom up above treeline? or on a marsh – watching the birds come and go? Are you one to stake out a spot on the dune so you can feel sea spray at high tide? Or are you more likely to evolve in a blackwater woods? Are you flashy and showy with blossoms that romance the butterflies? or do you attract others to you with more subtle senses of fragrance on the breeze? Visionary Spring, rising sun, east, new life… what is stirring for you?


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