March 7, 2007

A few years ago – Guadalupe appeared to me in Chimayo, New Mexico. To be truthful, I am sure she appeared to a lot of people there that day. Chimayo is one of those places on earth that makes me tingle. I have never been to Sedona – and don’t really feel a pull to go there. I have been to Taos – and it felt crowded to me. I know these are places that seem to resonate with people – but for me – it is Chimayo and of course Chaco Canyon – especially the trails where I can be totally and completely alone and silent.

I am reminded of a poem by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“Mi Guadalupe is a girl gang leader in heaven.
She is unlike the pale blue serene woman.
She is serene, yes like a great ocean is serene.
She is obedient, yes, like the sunrise
is obedient to the horizon line.
She is sweet, yes,
like a huge forest of sweet maple trees.
She has a great heart, vast holiness
and like any girl gang leader ought,
substantial hips.
Her lap is big enough
to hold every last one.
Her embrace
Can hold us,

Learn more about Guadalupe


One comment

  1. Amazed & grateful to be here on the Feast of Guadalupe.

    Happy Holy-days!

    Blessed be!

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