Lunar Eclipse

March 3, 2007

I just got around to reading my mail from Mooncircles and I am intrigued by her analogy of eclipses as earthquakes on fault lines in our natal charts. In her article titled Full Moon Reflections – April Elliott Kent asks:

What was happening in your life in 2002/2003, 1997/98, 1993, 1988?

Two of those were periods of huge job changes for me, one was a period of major purchases and cross country travel and I married and built a house in 1988. These years represent  huge transitions in my life. They correspond to the Virgo/Pisces fault line in my chart. Now if I just knew what that means!

  • My Rising Sign is in 10* Virgo
  • My Sun is in 28* Gemini
  • My Moon is 11* Leo

Any suggestions on Astrology for neophytes would be appreciated!



  1. I keep getting the feeling you might resonate with Stephen Arroyo’s work. For me, it really opened the door so that astrology began to resonate way beyond intellectual synpases.

  2. Thank you so much! I think you are spot on with your recommendation.

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