March 1, 2007

Recently I received a copy of The Grandmother of Time and am enjoying the idea of creating more celebrations – of course one every six weeks feels abundant – but I adore the opportunity to celebrate just about any day of the year.

Today she speaks of Matronalia –  a celebration of women and power. Can you see us wandering into our temples in the waxing moon and lighting fires to welcome new growth to the earth? Do you see the Goddess standing with flowers in her right hand and an infant in her left?

What flowers are blooming in your garden on this March morning? I have a few crocus who endured the snow, the ice, the sleet, and the prolonged freezes and who are now smiling and chatting contentedly in the morning sunlight. I also have a greenhouse filled with emerging seedlings. This morning they are reaching for the sky.

I am off to visit with Salmon Boy this morning where we will speak of iron, and locomotives, and heilig guides and more.

One comment

  1. When we moved in to our new house (we rent) during late summer, the previous tenant had left some pots behind. They have been sitting out there all winter. But the other morning I looked outseide and to my surprise I found that each of them have several daffodil or tulips beginning to grow. It really is lovely to see them sprout up out of the soil. Thanks for letting me share.

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