Coming back to center

February 20, 2007

Now that musical season is over – life is getting back to normal. Yesterday I went to the grocery store. What should have been a twenty minute errand stretched to three hours! I ran into so many people who had seen the show and wanted to share with me how impressed they were with the production. These young men and women really pulled off a magnificent production. I am so proud of all of them.

Today I took a dream to Salmon Boy and we sat with it for awhile. It is the third in a series that began about three years ago. My dreams are always ahead of my conscious life so it was with delight that we explored the beautiful landscape of this dream. As I described the landscape we both imagined the Jefferson Pools.

I also shared with him Kim Antieau’s reimagining of Demeter and Persephone myth through her telling of the Salmon Mysteries . Being a Salmon Boy you can imagine his interest and delight in this re-telling! He and I worshipped in the Church of the Dog after my father’s death so it seemed such a sweet affirmation of my inner work over the last few years to know that Kim is publishing Church of the Old Mermaids. Both of these churches are the kind that Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls the Church beneath the Church. They are my favorite churches of all time!


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