February 17, 2007



We would not need to rely on foreign oil if we could harvest the energy of the teenagers in this performance! They get up before dawn, attend classes all day, rehearse all afternoon, instant message until the wee hours of the morning, then get up and do it all over again. They do this for weeks. Then in the final two weeks they rehearse for several hours in the evening, fall into bed exhausted and wired both.



Then – a miracle happens!


They put on a performance that amazes me. Even though I have dressed and undressed them behind the scenes, fed them, seen them step into character with each new layer of makeup, I am still in awe when I get a chance to see them perform.



Last night I saw most of the first act. Incredible. Oliver! is not my favorite story, show, or musical, but Stan is an artist and a genius. His ideas are wildly creative and unexpected and I found myself totally drawn into the story.


Tonight I get to be a spectator from beginning to end!

I look forward to it.


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