Opening Night!

February 15, 2007

Opening night and they were wonderful from the few little bits I saw from backstage.

This was a supremely frustrating day for me. Hours and hours on the program and then hours and hours on the presentation then a total disconnect between the school Macs and my CD that I created on my laptop. Precious pre-show hours spent with Beth and Phil trying to get things to work and then – ta da! Bradley to the rescue! What a calm presence he was tonight. Patiently locking and unlocking doors and computers – loaning me a USB drive – sitting with me until he was sure the presentation for the Gala was going to work. It never would have happened without his help. Thanks!

Kudos also to Josh and Jordan! If they are the future – our future is bright indeed! They exhibited professionalism that is rare in life and even more impressive in a high school production. They too were calm and logical and thoughtful and polite and just plain nice to work with. I am so thankful for all that they did to make the pre-show presentation happen.

I am way too wired to sleep! And thankful that I don’t have to study for a biology test tomorrow!


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