New Moon in Aquarius Talking Staff Council

February 11, 2007

In our Divine Feminine Wisdom virtual circle – we sit in council, allowing silence as the moon wanes toward the new moon. Council closes as the first crescent moon becomes visible at sunset. Below is a portion of what I wrote to open this month’s council.

♥♥ New moon in Aquarius Talking Staff Council ♥♥

The fire is crackling behind me and the ground is covered in snow as I gaze out into this circle of women seeking their goddess selves. I look at each of you – one by one. Our talking object for this round is a satchel of dried herbs – french lavender, rosemary, and lemon verbena. I close my eyes, hold the satchel near my face, inhale, and am standing in a field of lavender in full bloom. The winter can be long at my latitude and this prolonged cold spell fills me with a yearning to migrate south – to find a place where I can be outside without having to steel myself against the bitter cold.

Our altar this round is simple – a piece of tapestry and four candles. Please add to the altar if you desire. We open by honoring four ways of knowing – sensing, feeling, imagery, and thinking. I use them in the four cardinal directions in the way that Stephen Gallegos teaches. If you cast a circle or walk a four fold path or use a medicine wheel in a different way – replace this opening ceremony with something that has heart and meaning for you – or include this if it resonates. There is no *one* way to create sacred ritual space.

Cross culturally the east is often seen as a place of beginnings, dawn, spring, new life and ascent to spirit. I light a candle in the east – inviting creation energy and sensing into our circle. The south is a place of red hot summer, heat, fire, passion, emotions – the wildwoman archetype lives here. I light a candle in the south – inviting passion and strong emotion and feelings into our sacred space. The west – a familiar place to me – still is summoning me to a life of soul. Having done enough mending of our middleworld selves we are able to embrace the mystery – the twilight, dusk, liminal places of imagery and imagination. I light a candle for soul guides and the underworld journey. Turning to the north, I call on the wisdom of the still time of winter – the dormant period of rest – the midnight sky lit only by bright stars. Thinking and the generative adult live in the north. This is where we take all of our selves, whole and healed out into selfless service to others. We carry that which is hidden as a gift to others. This last candle is lit and I return to my place by the fireplace – feeling the heat that radiates out from the rocks.

Collecting my thoughts – I open this council bysharing what is in my heart…

I continue to experience the vast changes that are flowing through my life since the dark moon/winter solstice time. Naively, I thought that the four year cycle that began in September 2002, was over and done with. As the changes and shifts continued – I made excuses and told myself – well – the cycle began in September- but you didn’t leave your web developer job until January 2003 – so that must be the true beginning of the cycle – and now a new one is beginning. Now I needto just let go of four – of beginnings and endings and take stock of where I am.

I cannot locate myself neatly into any any part of the wheel – and I realize itis because I am resisting – there is part of me whom I now refer to as resistance – (fear) who is my traveling companion at times. What I am experiencing – is that I have met a part of myself who not only has no voice -but who doesn’t want to *talk* to me.

The last time this happened was in a goddess council when Persephone hid behind Demeter’s skirts and would not speak to me. I was so angry at her! It took me months to realize why she had no words for me. She was preparing me for the journey that has no words – only imagery – and visions.

Recalling that cycle – I wonder if I am being called to another journey like that one? But deep in my bones – I know this is something different. This is a call to a sabbatical. Lately I have been fantasizing about the years that Joseph Campbell spent holed up in a cabin – just reading. I think this went on for four or five years!

Always a hermit and often longing for solitude – this experience with connecting in virtual circles has been a rich influx of support, ideas, and most of all a mirror of my unfinished business and hidden self. Often though, it is a distraction to the work at hand. Always until just recently the benefits have overwhelmed the costs – and I continue on pouring my selves and Self into this form of communion.

I invested and continue to invest a lot of heart into this circle. I also have stepped into a leg trap here. With Heather Blakey advertising this circle, with my blog and participating with the New Moon Journal – with my “being out there” DFW has grown and shapeshifted very rapidly. What I am sitting with – and will continue to sit with in this new moon council – is what gift, task, or focus is this energetic shift offering me?

Holding the satchel close to my nose – I inhale the scents of summer, I feel the sun’s warmth increasing daily, I surrender to feeling of sadness and fear, I open to the mystery, and allow wisdom to arise as I listen for the whisper of guidance.

Turning to my right – I pass the satchel to C.

Holding the satchel out – I have a vision of the wild poppies of the field -seeds dormant in the ground – waiting for just the right disturbance to bring them moisture, light, and warmth – seeds springing up and out – buds forming -and in time ecstatic flowering. C. and I are four hands and one heart as I ask her:

What seeds sown in the moist, fertile, darkness of you are germinating?


One comment

  1. The seeds of hope germinate here on the banks of Rattlesnake. Creek.http://pulsehead.com/message/4318/Pine+Grove+Cottage-The+Banks+of+Rattlesnake+Creek.html

    Intentional Solitude has helped me to listen quietly.
    May your hearts be filled with gladness…and silence.


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