Longing for warm water

February 10, 2007



Our spell of cold weather continues. Day after day of lows near zero F and days barely in the lower 30s. I am cold. My feet are cold. I want to be outside. I want to be warm. After 27 years I am still a mediterranean at heart. I long to step outside and pick my own lemons and limes. to walk barefoot even in winter. On the solstice – right before my father died, I wheeled him outside to enjoy the sun’s last rays. He was a bit cold and we wrapped him in blankets – but for me – to see the sun slip below the plateau – and not have a bitter wind and freezing air temperatures was a moment of profound gratitude. I am grateful that we shared that sunset together. I am sad that our time together was so short. I wanted more.

PS The photo is from Gaia Josh. This is a beach near the international school where he is teaching math and science.


One comment

  1. Lost my Dad recently so I understand. Sounds like you might have known he was ill. I did not… at least to the level that he obviously was. Either way, it is gut wrenching. Hang in there. Anita

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