Stress? or Distress?

February 8, 2007

My quiet and comfortable routine was but a fantasy and memory for several weeks, but that is about to CHANGE!

I completed the program for Lionel Bart’s Oliver! and sent a PDF off to Kinkos just a few minutes ago. This project has devoured huge blocks of time over the last several weeks. At first it all seemed fine – but as the deadlines loomed, I found myself not sleeping, not resting, slipping into obsessive compulsive WORK mode. Not good! I know better – really I do.

This part of me that is able to go without eating or sleeping to get something done carried me so far. I am grateful to her – really I am!

But it was a tremendous relief to set her down four years ago. I have mixed emotions about picking her up again.

She is a harsh task mistress with no sympathy and less humanity.

I wonder if this taskmaster of me has empathy?

More to ponder on that.



  1. Last year’s Seussical program was very well done! I believe you had a part in that, right? When Z’s musical schedule is less hectic or nonexistent I should come over.

  2. Thank you Walrus :) Yes Seussical was my creative venture last year and Oliver! is in many ways easier since I had a template to start with. Just takes lots and lots of computer time and I haven’t done a lick of art in about a month :(

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