Trails in the park

February 1, 2007

Last night Z and I were at Wilderness Voyagers buying him a lightweight winter jacket. As we chatted and looked at various options (limited because he would only consider BLACK!) I overheard one of the men who worked there talk about the new trails in Hillandale. My ears perked up immediately. Trails? New Trails? In the park? Where I just returned from my walk?

It seems that the City and the local Bike Club collaborated and made a series of trails, blue, green and others for people who want to ride in the park. Bikes are not allowed on the jogging path. Now they have their very own network of trails that wind through parts of the park I never knew were on city property. Miraculous!

Lucy and I went out today to do some more exploring, but I returned home before we went too far. Snow and ice are coming, and it was overcast and just plain cold! cold! cold! But it did give me a chance to listen to my new Zen Creative MP3 player. That has been a lot of fun the last few days.

Right now I am listening to Carolyn Myss and Clarissa Pinkola Estes. When the CD first came out – I listened to a fragment and hearing Carolyn refer to Clarissa as Clarisse just irritated me. It didn’t sound collegial to me the way they cut each other off and for some reason – it really shut me down.

I am fascinated that several years later and many changes down the road – I am able to listen to both women and take what I need and leave the rest. Carolyn actually has some very wise things to say about the misuse of intuition and spiritual laziness. I don’t know when I will next get a chance to listen. I find I need to give the conversation all my attention. It isn’t something I can listen to and do something else.

Snow is coming…


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