January 31, 2007

Brisk Walk After Coffee

Today it is almost above freezing so as soon as the sun was high in the sky I bundled up and took off for the park. This park is lovely, but I still grieve for its beauty before it was chopped apart to make room for a golf course that is losing money that could go for other things our city needs desperately like affordable housing. OK I am not going down that path this afternoon…

But I miss how the path used to come out of the woods and into a broad meadow. The path was just a swath through the meadow that led to a beautiful pond. I often rambled these paths when I was pregnant with my son and after he was born – he could ride along in a back pack with me. *sigh* But now we have a municipal golf course paid for with city taxes that lined the pockets of some of our city’s finest old families.

OK – back to my walk. It was cold – really, cold. Cheeks stinging and tears in my eyes cold. But Lucy is such an inspiration. She finds joy in every step she takes and she is always so eager to share her discoveries with me. Entering the park, I deposited a bag of steaming, dog droppings and we took off on our usual path. As we passed the turn off that used to go to the meadow (I know this was about seven years ago – but I am just not over it today!) we went around the cul-de-sac and as we headed back home, I saw some green flags in the woods.

Intrigued, I peered into the woods and saw what looked like a path -marked by a bit of surveyors tape and lots of green flags. I slipped behind a fence and soon we were wandering aimlessly on someone’s land. I have no idea who this land belongs to. It was not marked no trespassing and the path was very well kept, recently laid out and it wended its way up and down and in and out and at one point I wondered if I might be lost in my own backyard!

Then after a moment of panic and several moments of peaceful walking we came to a fork in the path. I laughed out loud! A choice. Here I am lost and there is a choice. Too funny!

I chose the direction that led south – back toward the park and in a few hundred feet I was back to the cul-de-sac. What a marvelous adventure. Thanks Joanna for the inspiration from the mutual mermaid coaching society! It got me out and my blood is flowing and I am ready to go back to work.


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