Moon Magic

January 18, 2007


Something happened to me during the dark times of the moon and the longest night this past December. An energetic shift that I cannot describe in words or images – it is something I feel in my body and something that is changing my place in the world.

For several months now (though it feels like forever) I have been listening to Angeles Arrien talk about Gathering Medicine. Each time I listen I hear something new. I am not driving much – but when I am in the car I listen to the Eight Gates.

Since I received my beautiful set of Gaian Tarot cards – I have been visiting Joanna’s site and learning about her creative process – the steps she takes to absorb the energy and signifigance of each card – then the moment of surrender when the music is playing and the card takes shape. I feel that history and that process in each and every image.

The collage activities of the New Moon Journal are also supporting this shift in energy. Astrology is not something I am all that interested in – but the tidal surges of moon energy within me inspire me to stick with the twelve collage process.

The quiet of the last few days restored me.



  1. Thanks Julia for taking time to share your story, I could not help myself and read most of the blog in one go!
    I will keep coming for more.
    Thanks again, Miriam

  2. In regards to my artwork, I’m not sure when that will be. I hope to put newer stuff up, but that needs to be created! I might put a picture up from the Art Show last year. Sometime soon I hope to start drawing in a sketchbook everyday like a journal, so that the art will be posted regularly. On a side not, I find it funny the song “Julia” from the White Album is playing while I write this.

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