Capricorn New Moon Collage

January 15, 2007

Title: Living in a Life Forge
(see image of collage)

Who am I?

  • I am the one looking in the mirror and seeing beauty looking back
  • I am the one who watches and waits, trusting right timing
  • I am the one who made space and is now opening to new possibilities
  • I am the one who remembers the ancient rituals
  • I am the one planting seedlings in the garden of my soul
  • I am the one who trusts the power of the fire
  • I am the one who remembers the roaring of the sacred river

What do you give me?

  • I give you time and space, freedom, creativity, beauty, and warmth
  • I give you loving acceptance, courage, and focus
  • I remind you to listen to the whisper and move at the pace of guidance

Is there anything else you want to tell me?
The forge is a powerful metaphor for what is coming. The gathering work of the last four years prepared you for the fire of transformation. You are ready to take your place. The world is holding its breath waiting for you to claim your original medicine. Do not be afraid. Others will challenge you and doubt you – that’s ok – jumping mouse remembers.

How will I remember?

  • When you see a flame you will feel the transformative fire
  • When you see beauty, you will know that you are looking in a mirror
  • When you see space, you will experience endless possibilities
  • When you see time, you will know there is abundance

I wrote a few days ago about the New Moon Journal collage challenge. This is my new moon in Capricorn card. It is interesting to me that I have been re-reading my father’s memoir and sinking into his energy and memories on this third anniverary of his death – and yet in this card, there is a lot of loving maternal energy for me.

I adore the wise, old, crone with her slippers in the upper left corner. She sees all. Moons rise and moons set and all is as it should be. The clock seemed an odd addition – but I really wanted it there – and now I realized it was there to remind me of the pace of guidance and right time. The colors of turquoise and indigo combine with the reds and oranges to create a memory of the southwest. Frida reminds me of the importance of allowing Aphrodite to see herself reflected in all that she gazes upon. The corner cupboard is empty – it is the place left open after I surrendered my life scroll to the fire.

When I hear Michele talk about “I build” I don’t sense that energy here as far as creating a structure or building – but as I let this image work on me – it feels like a foundation. The amalgamation of several years of work creating fertile soil and also clearing away impediments.

If you are interested in this process… go visit the New Moon Journal and see yourself!



  1. Thanks for sharing the Capricorn journey…I did pull your name out of the hat to write about the Capricorn energies related to your chart. The synchronicity is just so sweet. I’ll be posting that later today.

  2. woohoo! How very exciting!

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