Continuing Abundance

January 11, 2007


On the first anniversary of my father’s death – my mother nearly died of a broken heart. Some said that she had COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder – but I knew she was dying of a broken heart.

She said her chest hurt and she could not breathe.

I am sure that she did not take a full breath from the moment that he had emergency surgery until the moment she began to worship in the Church of the Dog – one year after he crossed over.

When I entered her hospital room, it was hot, stuffy, and dark. She lay partially on her side – not even able to curl into fetal position. Dead and dying flower arrangements cluttered every horizontal surface that did not have medical debris. A woman could die in an environment like this.

We began to worship in the house of the “Church of the Dog” – a powerful story of love, healing, forgiveness, and redemption written by Kaya McLaren. For the first time, my mother allowed herself to cry, full wracking sobs of grief and loss, and it didn’t kill her.

Her pulmonary specialist Dr. Timothy Killeen suspects it saved her life – and I believe he is right. You see – Dr. Killeen believed in me, in her, and in the power of the body to seek wellness and wholeness. He believed in the power of touch and the power of belief.

As soon as she gained a bit of hope – he let me check her out and take her home – where she was able to sleep in her own bed and bathe in her own bath. His faith saved her life – of that I am certain. My faith in the power of the Church of the Dog saved her life – of that I am certain. He had the courage to tell her that unless she chose to live – she might die. Dr. Killeen is one of those rare physicians who is most certainly tapping into an ancient wisdom.

If if were not for Joanna’s Gaian Tarot – I would not have stumbled in the Old Mermaid’s Sanctuary this morning. There I drank deeply of the “trust yourself” tea and enjoyed a plate of “you are perfect just the way you are biscuits.”

Thank you Mermaids and Joanna for my heart filled to the brim and overflowing this morning.


  1. Thank you for sharing how my book affected your mother. Wow. (big breath) That made ME cry!

  2. We bought ten copies and gave them out as gifts after she recovered!

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