Capricorn New Moon – I/XII

January 7, 2007


In the land of blogs and online groups – one click leads to another and connections are made in ways that fully support my unfolding. I stumbled upon the New Moon Journal the other day because it was linked to something else I was looking at. I fell in love with her collage slideshow and stuck around a bit to read about her interests. What really caught my eye was the New Moon / Full Moon split – since this is something we are now doing in Divine Feminine Wisdom .

I first learned of SoulCollage from Fran at Sacred Ordinary . I spent a little time with SoulCollage but left it for other interests. The part of the SoulCollage process that I found of greatest value is the use of imagery and then the use of Active Imagination to dialog with the images that are created out of the unconscious. I believe that the soul speaks in images and has secrets to share with us. I benefited from being a part of KaleidoSoul – Anne Marie and the rest of the people there are incredibly generous with their time and encouragement! One day I think that collage will be an important part of my process – but for now my colored pencils and Neocolor IIs reign supreme. Yet there was this inexorable tug that pulled me into the New Moon Collage process.

I am ignorant of astrology other than knowing my sun sign – Gemini. In my explorations over the last few days – I have learned a lot about the richness of astrology and perhaps that and my interest in astronomy is what pulled me in. I will share a bit from my journal about how this collage developed for me.

The intersection of the new moon and the winter solstice and my father’s death anniversary led to a very fruitful period of exploration. As I came out of that time – and the moon began to swell – I found the Gaian Tarot and did a three card spread which celebrated the return of the Sun and also the return of the light – and offered me a sense of joy that has been quiet over the last four years.

As I read the background information from Michele’s site about this collage project – I began to make notes.

  • Full moon in Cancer shifting to a new moon in Capricorn
  • Cancer – family, inner authority, mother
  • Capricorn – father, structure, outer authority
  • Balancing the mother and father, light and dark, male and female, this and that

This musing led me to want to know my natal chart. I emailed my Mom for my time of birth and I checked the Naval Observatory for the phase of the moon at my birth. I was startled to learn that my rising sign is Virgo! From there I found a list of which constellations were in each of my Twelve Houses. Before this – the only knowledge I had of these houses was from the song Age of Aquarius!

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

As I researched the potentials for each of the constellations in each of my houses – it was eerie how close many of them are to my intrinsic nature!

So Cancer is in my 11th house and Capricorn is in my 5th house. I ran with that for a bit – and then began to feel very overwhelmed by the whole process – a sure sign to stop thinking and start collecting images. I collected images over a few days – added some and took some away and when I had a dozen or so, I began this morning to play with them – allowing myself to be attracted by what I saw and the collage above is the result.

In time – I will do some of the I am the one who… reflections but for now – I am content to gaze at this creation and admire its beauty!

Thanks for the inspiration Michele!



  1. My dear,
    Welcome to the endlessly fascinating and ever more complex world of Astrology. I’ve been an Astrologian for 33 1/2 years now, and I am still learning.

    Welcome to the heart of the stars Soulwright!!

  2. Wow Julie, what incredible research you have done! Very impressive and interesting!!

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