Waxing Crescent Moons

January 6, 2007

I was visiting Samten William’s Natural Time website. I am fascinated by this personal lunar cycle. When I was born, the moon was a waxing crescent (14% illuminated). All my life – it has been an obsession of mine to be quiet in the dark of the moon and to wait until I see the first slivers of the moon setting in the sky – and when that happened – I would breathe a sigh and get back to my life.

Some years – when I wasn’t able to get outside much – I would take note of the moon as I drove home in the evening or to work in the morning – but in recent years – there has been this tremendous need to align my life with the moon cycles. I thought it was because I am no longer bleeding with the moon – and now I am wondering if there was some inner knowing that was pulling me to this practice.

This is just fascinating! If I calculated this personal lunar cycle correctly – there is one big whopping synchronicity for me here.


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