Natal Chart

January 5, 2007

I just calculated my Natal Chart – and have spent some time this morning in the confusing, often contradictory world of astrology. I know very little about astrology. When I read the horoscopes in the paper – I can find something about myself in each and every one – just as each and every Tarot card has something for me. So – I guess you could say I am a skeptic. I come by it honestly with my background and training in the objective arts of geology, math, chemistry, and physics.

As is common in the second half of life – I am seeking meaning – I am also suspending my analytical, judging, discerning aspects to allow the mystery access – so that I can listen to the whisper.

It is in that spirit that I began a collage based on new moon and full moon energies. Somewhere in there though – it seemed I needed to know a bit about my planets and signs – so off to learn a bit about this process. I tried several different methods of caluclation and they all gave the same astronomical results – but that is where the consensus ended.

Then – I stumbled on this description…

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Cancer

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in the sympathetic and subjective sign of Cancer, indicating an interest in children, women’s health and/or the healing professions in general, food and nutrition, psychology, and teaching. You are a worrier, and need to learn to let go of excessive anxiety, especially over people you care about. (You tend to criticize or fuss about little things when you are afraid for their well-being). The domestic arts are your forte, as well, and an important part of your contribution to life.

I can honestly say this felt just like when I first learned the results of the MBTI – wow! how can that be!

More explorations needed but this feels just right! Please let me know if you have a favorite astrology resource, website, or blog.

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