Labyrinth Walking

January 1, 2007

One summer while my son was running XC, I discovered a Labyrinth in our local arboretum. Funny thing for me was that I had been looking and looking and looking for one – had read about one that was going to be  built at a local university – but so far – no labyrinth for me.

I think my first  interest in labyrinths came from Jean Shindoa Bolen and Sue Monk Kidd. Since then – I have had several labyrinth opporunities and perhaps one day I will create one in my yard!

I just read about this on Alyce’s blog. Makes me want to skip over to the arboretum and give it a try.

When standing at the beginning of the labyrinth path, place your right hand over your heart, and point your left hand toward the ground. In the Sufi tradition, the right side of the body gives and the left side receives. In this position, close your eyes and think of something you want to let go of, and imagine it coming out of your heart and passing through your left arm into the ground.

When you reach the center of the labyrinth, place your left hand over your heart, and point your right hand toward the sky. Close your eyes, and ask for something to replace that which you have let go. Imagine it coming down your right arm into your heart.


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